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7th March 2011

sailthouforth8:17am: In the author bio in most of the Wodehouse books I have, there's a line about how Plum had a waxwork of him up at Madame Tussaud's when he died. Does anyone know if this is still on display, and if so, which of the many Madame Tussaud's it's at? Google and the Madame Tussauds website are, sadly, of no help.

31st January 2010

mistacat10:36am: What ho!
Hi! Is anyone still hanging around this place?

I dropped by to ask a favor...

I'm trying to find a quote from Much Obliged, Jeeves. As far as I can remember, it went something like, "I rendered him temporarily insensible..."

It's from when Brinkley stole the Ganymede Club Book and Jeeves drugged him and stole it back. I was trying to explain the awesomeness of that scene to some friends, but I don't have the book on hand and couldn't find the quote anywhere. Maybe you all can help :)

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21st December 2009

gmk10:39pm: тут в польше бензин стоит в пересчете на наши 45 рублей, в германии - 60
вот где пиздец, а вы всё снег, снег
кстати, в кракове он был, похоже, дня два назад, так его никто и не убирает...

14th November 2007

finmagik11:30am: Re opening
Hello, There old horses. I've re-opened the wodehouserpg. If you've ever wanted to have a jolly good time, messing about Role playing a Wodehouse character I suggest you join. These are a list of Characters still open!

LIST!Collapse )

21st May 2007

shelter_10:38am: The Smile that wins text
Hey,I'm writing a paper on Wodehouse and wanted to ask you all if someone has the text "the Smile that wins" or maybe someone could tell me where to get it from in the web. Thanks in advance.

15th April 2007

russya4:16pm: Hello there!
I really need some help.
I have an assignment on phonetics - to translate a film to Russian (to be precise - write subtitles). Of course, I chose Jeeves and Wooster :)it's the very first episode, "Jeeves Takes Charge".

I have done everything but for the speech characteristics of any character.
Could you, native English speakers, please tell me about any of the characters - how he speaks, what kind of accent he has (if any), and, consequently, to which social stratum does he belong and from which part of the country he is from.

I really appreciate any tiny piece of advise, because I have no idea at all!
would you be so kind?

15th March 2007

roxy_rooo9:19pm: Pip pip, am a newbie around here. Just thought i'd say hello as I love Jeeves and Wooster i was brought up on it. I used to sing oh by jingo in the garden as a little un with my sister. Apart from Jeeves and Wooster i love Meet Mr Mulliner could anyone recommend any of books by P.G Wodehouse other Blandings Castle?

28th January 2007


Hello everyone out there! I come here today to bother every soul I can reach with my newyness, I'm fairly new to Plum  and I'm sure everybody around here knows more about him and his works than I can fathom,  so I thought, why not?, come and ask for the help of my Wodehouse Seniors ^^;

My first Wodehouse was "Love Among the Chickens" and as it's natural soon after I gravitated towards Jeeves & Wooster, Blandings Castle and Psmith, of course I haven't finished any of those series yet, but all of them are in the works (currently reading "Leave it to Psmith")

However, whenever I gaze the endless list of stand alone novels I just have no idea where to start, so before I throw myself head first into the unknown, let me ask you, which ones are your favorite Wodehouse stand alone novels?
Feel free to ramble and quote I would love to read your lengthy opinion on your favorite books

Thanks and see you around ^^/

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11th September 2006

small_bob1:31pm: What-ho
Hullo. New here. I'm not exactly sure what should be said here as an introduction, so I’ll keep it short and sweet. great fan of PGW. He's a delight to read. I look forward to being able to share, contribute and enjoy !!


28th June 2006

finmagik11:31am: Hello, I've started a Wodehouse RPG. Yes, an RPG where you can play a wodehouse character. It's called wodehouserpg Not very creative but there you go. I'd like some people to join. I've worked very hard on it and I think if some people join and play it could be fun.

5th May 2006

finmagik2:10am: What about Millie
I have a question about Ukridge's wife Millie. In his first appearance in Love among the Chickens he's married. In all the other short stories he's a bachelor. So I want to know what the majority opinion is:

A). All the stories where he's single take place before Love among the chickens.

B). Millie is continuity error.

C). Shortly after Love among the Chickens the honeymoon period ended, the marriage fell apart and Millie went back to her aunt, never to be spoken of again!

10th March 2006

peak_in_darien9:02pm: Wodehouse analysis/criticism
I haven't seen much literary criticism or analysis of Wodehouse's 'Jeeves and Wooster' books around. I was wondering if anyone could point me in the way of some good criticism and analysis. Does anyone have a favourite piece that's been written about the Jeeves and Wooster novels?

8th January 2006

yogidancer1:24pm: Word usage question...
Am currently listening to a wonderful new Christmas present, "Jeeves in the Morning" read by Jonathan Cecil. At one point in the story Bertie uses the expression "Pretty white of you" referring to a noble and selfless act of Jeeves'. My question is, in what way is Wodehouse using the word white? Does anyone know? Obviously, living in the U.S. in 2006 my first assumption would be that this is some sort of racist remark, but I lack the cultural and historical perspective.

16th December 2005

skutir6:46am: One of my coworkers just bought a cow creamer on ebay. I'm trying to find my Code of the Woosters paperback to give her, so she knows the consequences... that cow creamers aren't just cute, but monkey-paw-like catalysts for mayhem and social disharmony. But I can't find the darn thing.

Aha. I can dig up the tapes from the TV series.

15th December 2005

flatcola11:24am: Hi there! :)

I'm new to this community, and will be working on a 12 000 word thesis involving a comparative analysis of humour/satire in Evelyn Waugh and Wodehouse novels come next January.

Essentially, I'll be comparing two of Waugh's earlier novels on Bright Young People (Decline and Fall, Vile Bodies) with one of Wodehouse's Jeeves and Wooster novels. I'll be looking at things like comedic plot, comic scenarios, typologies, language (dialogue), style, narrative voice. I've re-read The Inimitable Jeeves and Thank you, Jeeves the past few days and will possibly settle on using the latter as a representative example. However, I'd also like to know which is your favourite Jeeves and Wooster novel, and perhaps which one best exemplfies J and W for you, especially in terms of language and plot.

7th October 2005

skutir8:53am: Speaking of pigs, some of my favorite books are the Blandings Castle novels by P.G. Wodehouse, in which Lord Emsworth dotes on his beloved pig, Empress of Blandings. I have always assumed the Blandings stories to be unfilmable, but now realize that Nick Park is just the man for them, with Wallace as Lord Emsworth, and Gromit as George Cyrill Wellbeloved, his Lordship's expert pigman. True, Gromit does not speak, but Wellbeloved is a man of few words, and if Gromit can solve the mystery of the Were-Rabbit, he should be able to handle a pig.

From Roger Ebert's review of Wallace and Gromit, 10/07/05

30th August 2005

spinnigold2:17pm: Seeing as there was a request to ask for favourite Wodehouse passages, I couldn't resist ^-^;

"For about three and a quarter seconds or possibly more we just stood there, drinking each other in, so to speak, the old boy still attached with a limpet-like grip to my elbow. If I hadn't been in a dressing-gown and he in pink pyjamas with a blue stripe, and if he hadn't been glaring quite so much as if he were shortly going to commit a murder, the tableau would have looked rather like one of those advertisements you see in the magazines, where the experienced elder is patting the young man's arm and saying to him, 'My boy, if you subscribe to the Mutt-Jeff Correspondence School of Oswego, Kan, as I did, you may some day, like me, become Third Assistant Vice-President of the Schenectady Consolidated Nail-file and Eyebrow Tweezer Corporation.'"
Jeeves and the Yuletide Spirit, Very Good Jeeves.

I don't know why, it's just always made me laugh like a loon on loon tablets XD

I have an icon of that somewhere, but I seem to have mislaid it ._.;
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20th August 2005

sillahestian2:06am: Hallo, all! I've just joined...

One of my favourite passages:
"...A beautiful world, full of happiness on every side. Let me tell you a little story. Two Irishmen, Pat and Mike, were walking along Broadway, and one said to the other, 'Begorrah, the race is not always to the swift,' and the other replied, 'Faith and begob, education is a drawing out, not a putting in.'

"Yes," said Gussie, "it is a beautiful world. The sky is blue, the birds are singing, there is optimism everywhere. And why not, boys and ladies and gentlemen? I'm happy, you're happy, we're all happy, even the meanest Irishman that walks along Broadway. Though, as I say, there were two of them--Pat and Mike, one drawing out, the other putting in. I should like you boys, taking the time from me, to give three cheers for this beautiful world. All together now."
-Right Ho, Jeeves

16th July 2005

captainpellew11:30pm: All right, I know that many people hate slashing Wodehouse stories. Personally, when I read Wodehouse, I also take it at face value. However, consider this scenario:

A manservant works for a rich, single woman for many years. She is often engaged but each and every time he secretly (and sometimes not so secretly) works to make sure the marriage never happens, thus ensuring that he can continue to work for her. His devotion to her is so strong that at one point he even violates the most sacred rules of conduct - something he lives his entire life by - in order to destroy something that would bring embarrassment to her should anyone find out about it. When telling her about it, he explains it was part and parcel of his hope to "remain permanently in [her] service". When she asks why on earth he would want such a thing, he merely replies "There is a tie that binds".

Now ask yourself if you would be surprised if it was later revealed that the characters were in love with each other.

(acknowledgements to the Fanfic Symposium)
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15th July 2005

smokingthings1:49pm: Psmith
What ho. I was merely wondering, does anybody have an explanation for Psmith's first name? In the first two books it's Rupert. His pater calls him Rupert, and you'd think he'd be the one to know. I've not yet read Psmith, Journalist, but I'm now reading Leave it to Psmith and he's introducing himself as Ronald Eustace. Did he change it? Why? Why to something so stupid sounding? Is this ever explained? Could Wodehouse have forgotten Psmith's name and couldn't be bothered to look it up? (Just asking.) Any light you may have, shed it on this matter!
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29th June 2005

sine_que_non76710:18pm: WOULD LIKE: Jeeves & Wooster screencaps
I've just finished an overview of Jeeves & Wooster for crack_van - it's complete except for 2 pictures from the TV series: one of Florence Craye, one of Sir Watkyn Bassett. Has anyone got pics?

The relevant eps where they appear are S3, Ep 5 (both Florence and Sir Watkyn) and S4, Eps 2 and 4 (just Florence) (according to here). No preference where the pics are from, I just need clear shots of the characters on their own, and for the pic to be between 100 and 300 height and width, and uploadable to my LJ scrapbook.

If anyone can help, it'll make the overview that much more spiffing and entice more fen into the fandom. Don't let 'I dare not' wait upon 'I would'! :D

(Crossposted liek woah to all Fry and Laurie and Wodehouse type comms.)

26th June 2005

shakanaman2:21pm: Having read most of the Jeeves books, I finally saw a couple of the dvds made of the show...
Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie are brilliant!
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18th May 2005

kittyfrisco6:15pm: Favorite Passage?
What are people's favorite Wodehouse passage? Write passage plus the book and chapter.

One I just found...Collapse )
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16th May 2005

kittyfrisco10:26pm: Bertie Logic
A somewhat obscure community topic with recent posts! Oh so happy.

One of the funniest things I've ever read (just read) is "Brinkley Manor" (1938 edition, gift from sweetheart)... and I must document the telegram exchange between Bertie and his Aunt Dahlia Travers:

Right-ho!Collapse )
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